From the Image Vault

November 2012

When working hard to finish the book last year I completed many portraits that I haven’t let anyone see. Since I enjoy releasing them and due to the fact that there are many of them that you haven’t seen, I happy to release the image that might best represent me. Of all of the portraits, this might most accurately reflect me when I was younger when I would have loved to of had an NES this size.

There will not be a monthly following the image since it was done a few months ago and also since it was a straightforward and uneventful photo shoot. You may be blown away by the size of the NES but I will leave your imaginations run wild into how that was created.

For those of you who may have missed it, there is now a page to sign up to receive a monthly subscription as well as a store set up to purchase one if you are willing to cover the cost of yours. Head over to the Publications page or head over to the store.

Early Copies of April Monthly

There doesn’t seem to be a break at Everything Waffles right now as I continue to work between portraits and the next monthly. However, to help with the funding and getting more of copies out there I have set up an shop to offer them to a wider audience. These copies are for sale at a small price to help the project to continue printing throughout each month and will help the problem of damages during shipping.

There have also been a few changes through this site that will help you understand the various projects and publications as well as simple navigation issues. You can find the link to the shop through the publications page or follow the link here.

As for the next portrait, I attempting to see how far I can push this and what the person might think of me appropriating it.

March Publication

Just in time for March Madness we have the next edition of the Everything Waffles monthly. Inside you will find the most recent portrait with Waffles and me as a Boy Scout. Rest assured there is plenty of strange images to be found in this edition enhanced with the presence of a strange knife.

March 2012 monthly

Although the Kickstarter did not reach the goal set up, you can expect further development on the project and a bigger push online. You can be sure to find the latest portrait project through Twitter. This next image has been in development for 6 months and will be the highest costing portrait to recreate. If you know anything about this project, you are sure to have no idea what is ahead.