Tough Guys Like Cats

May 2012

Presenting the toughest looking guy in a turtleneck. This image brings us into May with another shirt creation to hang in the costume closet. Although I worked hard to not grow hair and to simply throw a wig on I think Waffles still steals this portrait like she naturally does. You can of course more of the creation of this portrait through the monthly publication.
There are huge surprises coming up this summer that need your support. If you pay for your copy of the monthlies or subscribe for a year and help these surprises really happen. Otherwise keep enjoying the portraits and the May edition.

May Comes Early

May is here now with the early completion of the next monthly. You can head over to the publications page and order a copy now. If you are already receiving the publications you don’t have to worry about making a purchase at this time. I am not forcing anyone to purchase these however any funds/donations will ensure the Gold Publication will go beyond you imagination.

There are some major projects underway and this summer may mark some huge turning points. Although I mentioned the Gold Publication last week there are many surprises that might just happen. Until then I hope you continue to enjoy the monthlies just like these kids.

Gold Publication


If you are familiar with the Waffles portraits and the monthly zine you will notice that things are seeing improvements. Between the printing, writing, and images it seems that these are all leading up to a major publication. This will soon become a reality. In order to celebrate the two years dedicated to cat portraiture this summer will see a major publication tied with a important portrait. This will be be the Gold Edition of publications and what is inside will be the largest undertaking so far for the portraits. I began work on this portrait last summer and have been acquiring all the necessary parts since then.

Until that time, enjoy this short video posted about the making of the sequined costume required for the Richard Simmons portrait.