We Need a Superhero

If you haven’t noticed we have some big plans here at Everything Waffles and it is time to bring you into the secrets. This summer is bringing many superhero films and games that will only increase the amount fan art out there. The Avengers has already started the summer movie season off big and there are many other films to come such as the The Amazing Spider-Man reboot and the conclusion of the The Dark Knight series. This portrait project has largely stayed away from many of my own interests focusing only on recreating portraits I could use with my cat. However, I will not deny that when told I have a likeness to Harry Potter I jumped at the opportunity to declare myself equal to him last summer.

The likeness is uncanny.

In the next few months this portrait project will be creating a new line of work that specifically follows my own interests. While the recreation of portraits on the Internet will continue, like the upcoming Bob Ross portrait, this new group of images will stay focused on this specific culture. I have always seen Everything Waffles as a parody and not satire. Although I am bringing the portraits forward for humor I am still existing with them and adding to the collection of awkward portraits out there.

Caught ’em all.

In order to get this particular project going quickly I am looking help in getting parts of costumes and props. Although I must admit I have the assorted superhero masks and tools but I am looking to expand on this with your help. If you have that rogue Power Rangers costume from a Halloween past and want to help the project I will be more than happy to take it off your hands.

I do not want to spoil too much of this upcoming project but I know that there are friends of the project out there that would like to be involved. It is your chance to take part in the project and get credit within the Everything Waffles universe.

Get involved.