Comics and Zines

It’s time to inform you about the latest underground workings from us. We have started a new Kickstarter to bring a new project to printing by the end of July. The comic book, yet to be given an official title, will be printed and mailed out to supporters and those who wish to purchase it.

Why so quickly? Why the rush? We are aiming to attend San Fransisco’s Zine Fest this year in September and also trying to attend Comic Con San Diego this time next year. The zines and comics will be shown at these events as well as shirts and small figures created to support the project.

Unlike the previous Kickstarter funding project, I want to create comic books and web series inspired by the portraits I have created for the past 2 years. We are entering a world of fiction now and moving away from the parody that has been Everything Waffles. Want to help? Just check out the Kickstarter for all the information. Like it, share it, and post it as much as you can so that we can expand the Everything Waffles Universe.

More is on the way about the next zine and upcoming comic book. Follow the Kickstarter for now though,


Without the Snow Covered Mountains

Did you remember to use the edge of the palette knife? Mix that Van Dyke with the white with the very edge and just swipe the canvas. We can finally see Bob Ross’ rendition of Waffles after all of these years. He might be missing his facial hair but I am sure this is almost an exact clone of our late painter.

Snow Capped Ears

I must be feeling nostalgic from seeing Bob Ross and Richard Simmons growing up and watching old videos of theirs on television. Waffles continues to sit out each portrait as I am experimenting with what else I can include her in. The portrait may seem simple enough but the construction of the props was a refreshing process that has been absent from the portraits. The June monthly will reveal more of what was behind this image as I won’t reveal the secret that is hidden in the portrait and leave it to you to discover in the publication. However I must say I worked for months to get the hair that way.

Keep on returning this month and you will find some new things popping up, perhaps the next project revealed? Perhaps it has already been released but I am sure you will be exited to hear more.

Keep those snow capped mountains looking lovely.