Miss Everything Waffles Monthly?


Are you missing the Everything Waffles Monthly? Is there cat gap in your life today? Well it will stay there. But I am working on a new publication for you and those interested in cosplay! Having start photographing various cosplays over this past year, I am excited to share their stories and images. Ryan Wells and his next cosplay will be the start of this new publication. More details soon!


2013 the Year of Everything Waffles

The Artist as LinkThis year we have created a new web series, Action Fiction, and continued to produce zines that are now in Printed Matter in New York City. 2013 has been a great year for the creation of projects and parodies on the site and I am more than happy to thank everyone for their interest in the work.

As we approach 2014 I am excited to work on new works and make video work that is on par with what I have made before. Waffles and I have been struggling to work creatively for sometime now but I am sure that Everything Waffles as a creative site will continue to make work that is fun and whimsical.

Keep returning for more fun content and there will be certainly more in the new future!