July 2010 In late 2008 I got my first cat from an animal rescue center in Indiana. Waffles, as I would name her, is a longhaired calico with a deformed ear from a previous untreated ear infection. Around this time LOLcats, images of cats overlaid with humorous text, and odd family portraiture became popularized on the Internet creating many websites centered on these themes.

In July 2010 I created my own portrait studio in order to recreate some of the portraits online using Waffles as a character in each of them. The first photograph I used, Lawrence, remains the only image actually containing a cat in the original photograph. Following this image I collected many popularized photos and iconic characters from around the web to reinterpret into my portraits. These images were all recreated by using my cat as a way to merge these two popularized Internet genres into a single image.