Evyerthing Waffles on the Warpath

Everything Waffles and the Warpath Gallery are ready to announce the Everything Waffles Retrospective. This exhibit displays the portraits from 2010-2013. You can view the online catalog at their website at http://cargocollective.com/warpathgallery. Jschwabposter


Happy New Year From Tool Time!

December 2012

December 2012

Relive the 90’s in the new year with Tool Time!

An Explanation of the Absurd

Serious photography.

Serious photography.

I realize with new visitors to the site there might be a lot of questions into what the heck is being made here. You might just look at these photographs and think this guy really wants you to look at his face. You might be right about that but I wouldn’t be comfortable with admitting that.

The Everything Waffles portraits are part of a growing production of work that critiques the absurd amount of content online and serious ways art investigates them. The portraits themselves are a collection of appropriated images that were selected from strange catacombs of the web. I would admit to them being all parts of my soul, just like that film 9, but I don’t think I can compare any of my soul to Freddie Mercury.


However I can’t get away without mentioning my cats involvement. My cat’s name is Waffles, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s the reason for the title of the work. It began as a simple integration of my cat into all portraits I could create, for the absurd act of just doing it. Other than that you should just look at more cat photos, because there isn’t enough apparently.

Growing Production you ask? Well There are many videos you can find on this site, both promotions for books made and ridiculous reactions to people telling me to create video art. In my great effort to avoid video art, I am making videos that are not made for art. It is a great anit-conformist thing to work on but I think it’s growing into a great conformist project.

In the coming months you will find far more content here then before and the portraits project will become the origins of what is to come. Waffles will have roles, however you will discover all of my interests in looking at art and then quickly making a reactionary body of work.

For now however you can just look take a peek at the zines that have been made following these portraits and how sad the really are.

Issue No. 11