Indiana Schwab

Indiana Schwab: The Temple of Waffles

What else could I do with my new machete? I am sure you were just as disappointed as I was when the Master Sword didn’t make its epic appearance in the Link portrait last month. Just like Link, I have always wanted to find adventure right around the corner with dangerous villains behind each corner. Indiana Jones comes in just at the right time to save Waffles from a rouge boulder.

I would tell you a lot more about this portrait but I have a project that is demanding all of my time. You won’t be seeing this for sometime however but it will be well worth the wait. Also, the audio podcast should be up sometime soon.


Portland Zine Symposium

The Everything Waffles monthly zine and additional publications are coming to the Portland Zine Symposium this Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Not sure what booth you can find us at but I can tell you that Waffles will not be present.  Maybe you will find something new and exciting? Perhaps a new publication or the rumored gold edition?

Check it out at