Miss Everything Waffles Monthly?


Are you missing the Everything Waffles Monthly? Is there cat gap in your life today? Well it will stay there. But I am working on a new publication for you and those interested in cosplay! Having start photographing various cosplays over this past year, I am excited to share their stories and images. Ryan Wells and his next cosplay will be the start of this new publication. More details soon!


Everything Waffles at Sakura-Con 2013


This Friday at 5:30pm you can find the Everything Waffles: Rattling On About Heroes panel at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington. Alisha Harms and myself will be discussing the project, my current work with heroic figures, and of course Waffles. All attendees will get a free zine from March and an “appearance” of Waffles. I must stress that Waffles herself will not be there because of restrictions of animals, but she will be in another form. ZineSide1A

Everything Waffles
Seattle, Washington
Room 401

Book Promo #3

We are still pushing the Kickstarter project funding for another 28 days. To keep up the series of promo videos, here is the third installment in this series. I believe there are 16 costume changes during this filming, all in which Waffles becomes more anxiety throughout the shots. We are still looking for funding for our project and there are update rewards for those are interested in helping. Get over to our Kickstarter page if you want to see Everything Waffles to entertain you every week. And in case you missed it, there will be an Everything Waffles monthly publication coming out soon.