Happy New Year From Tool Time!

December 2012

December 2012

Relive the 90’s in the new year with Tool Time!


Gold Publication


If you are familiar with the Waffles portraits and the monthly zine you will notice that things are seeing improvements. Between the printing, writing, and images it seems that these are all leading up to a major publication. This will soon become a reality. In order to celebrate the two years dedicated to cat portraiture this summer will see a major publication tied with a important portrait. This will be be the Gold Edition of publications and what is inside will be the largest undertaking so far for the portraits. I began work on this portrait last summer and have been acquiring all the necessary parts since then.

Until that time, enjoy this short video posted about the making of the sequined costume required for the Richard Simmons portrait.


March Publication

Just in time for March Madness we have the next edition of the Everything Waffles monthly. Inside you will find the most recent portrait with Waffles and me as a Boy Scout. Rest assured there is plenty of strange images to be found in this edition enhanced with the presence of a strange knife.

March 2012 monthly

Although the Kickstarter did not reach the goal set up, you can expect further development on the project and a bigger push online. You can be sure to find the latest portrait project through Twitter. This next image has been in development for 6 months and will be the highest costing portrait to recreate. If you know anything about this project, you are sure to have no idea what is ahead.