Salvador Waffles



I present to you my interpretation of the Salvador Dali photograph with kittens. This of course is limited to my master skills of post-production and manipulation, however I encourage you to enjoy it nevertheless.

You can find within this portrait however a bonus that has never been seen before. My cat Maple, makes her appearance for the first time in the project. Those of you who do not know, Maple was originally in the portrait as Edward Cullen. However she has a limited tolerance for being held so throwing her was an easier task.

For anyone with concerns out there, no cats were harmed in the making of this image and all were given cat treats and affection for their participation.

Again I want to remind you that this is the last portrait for the Everything Waffles Portrait project for a few months. I will be concentrating on the Modine Files and another upcoming video series called Lower Brow.

A massive fan of the Everything Waffles project? You do not have to fear as portraits are always in the works. Just stay in touch with the site and you might find surprises in the future.


Happy New Year From Tool Time!

December 2012

December 2012

Relive the 90’s in the new year with Tool Time!

Zine Symposium Wrap Up

The Portland Zine Symposium just wrapped up over the weekend and considering I had a week notification to prepare I must say it went very well. The Waffles zines have infested the zine libraries of fans from Portland to San Diego. Some great people came by and some of the latest copies nearly sold out. From what I can tell there has been a humorous response about the zines. There are blogs and websites scratching their heads over the portraits and I am excited to see how much they keep scratching.


If you are interested in the 2012 Collection, they will become available online soon after there is a reprinting.  I will put out an audio podcast soon about the show and talk about the Zine Symposium and also the great response the project received. There might be some new work surrounding videos and perhaps a new series.


If you want to buy any of the monthly zines now is the time! There are several left over and some that have unseen content.