Gold Publication


If you are familiar with the Waffles portraits and the monthly zine you will notice that things are seeing improvements. Between the printing, writing, and images it seems that these are all leading up to a major publication. This will soon become a reality. In order to celebrate the two years dedicated to cat portraiture this summer will see a major publication tied with a important portrait. This will be be the Gold Edition of publications and what is inside will be the largest undertaking so far for the portraits. I began work on this portrait last summer and have been acquiring all the necessary parts since then.

Until that time, enjoy this short video posted about the making of the sequined costume required for the Richard Simmons portrait.



My Good Turn Daily

Just in time for the end of February, I present the next portrait with Waffles. I chose this image mostly because I am an Eagle Scout and a former assistant scoutmaster. The uniform in this image is mine and I really wanted to pull this out for something in this work. Coming in a few days you can find the next edition of Everything Waffles Monthly. This publication is still free at the moment and I encourage you to send me information to get a copy sent to you.

Doing our good turn daily.

The Everything Waffles Monthly has also become an official publication being held in a library’s collection in Portland. The Kickstarter project is still alive and I encourage you to continue supporting it. More images to come with other work happening behind the scenes, scout’s honor.

Justin and Waffles Kickstarter Project

Having started the book and creating videos online for the website, I have started a Kickstarter to help the project. I am seeking to raise $1,500 to complete all aspects of the project. More information about the project can be found at my Kickstarter page.

The funding for the project runs until March 6 however the project itself will take further months to complete. As the books are printed and sold, part of the funding will go to the original animal rescue center where I got waffles and also the Humane Society.

You can find the full link here:

The original book link: