Happy New Year From Tool Time!

December 2012

December 2012

Relive the 90’s in the new year with Tool Time!


New Series and Podcast On the Horizon


I have promised for months of new things on the horizon from Everything Waffles. Where have those gone? Who is responsible for such acts of reckless premature comments? Well that would actually be me. But you can rest safely tonight as these promises will soon be fulfilled! The Waffles community is growing and I am finally accepting the geek inside and you will soon find many new video series’ on here.

Freddy Mercury himself has risen from his grave to help me with this coming month. Just check out his cat vest, he must have something in mind!

You can still get the latest zines however and as the continue to evolve you will start to find my new interest with the project.

Falling for Country Life

September 2012

It’s fall and you better be ready for the onslaught of new things coming your way. With the reboot of the podcast reboot and a new series on the way Christmas comes only slightly after July. But what has happened to the hero series? Why a portrait of some farm kid and not another great parody of my favorite character? Because those are hiding currently and you will see them soon. For now I like to keep the range of portraits broad so hang in there for now.

Have you been behind on the zines? Well the past few months have seen a lot of demand so order them now in on Everything Waffles Monthly page before they are sold out completely. Don’t forget to grab a 2012 Collection!