Everything Waffles at Sakura-Con 2013


This Friday at 5:30pm you can find the Everything Waffles: Rattling On About Heroes panel at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington. Alisha Harms and myself will be discussing the project, my current work with heroic figures, and of course Waffles. All attendees will get a free zine from March and an “appearance” of Waffles. I must stress that Waffles herself will not be there because of restrictions of animals, but she will be in another form. ZineSide1A

Everything Waffles
Seattle, Washington
Room 401


Everything Waffles Monthly Issue 13


In case you were unaware, last months zine might possibly the greatest publication ever made. I can’t say that with any facts to back it up but I hope it is enjoyable. Again this is the last zine for sometime before it starts up again later this summer. If interested in the entire collection to this point just contact me directly and I can send them along your way.

Salvador Dali would be proud of me for this one.

Indiana Schwab

Indiana Schwab: The Temple of Waffles

What else could I do with my new machete? I am sure you were just as disappointed as I was when the Master Sword didn’t make its epic appearance in the Link portrait last month. Just like Link, I have always wanted to find adventure right around the corner with dangerous villains behind each corner. Indiana Jones comes in just at the right time to save Waffles from a rouge boulder.

I would tell you a lot more about this portrait but I have a project that is demanding all of my time. You won’t be seeing this for sometime however but it will be well worth the wait. Also, the audio podcast should be up sometime soon.