Happy New Year From Tool Time!

December 2012

December 2012

Relive the 90’s in the new year with Tool Time!


Portland Zine Symposium

The Everything Waffles monthly zine and additional publications are coming to the Portland Zine Symposium this Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Not sure what booth you can find us at but I can tell you that Waffles will not be present.  Maybe you will find something new and exciting? Perhaps a new publication or the rumored gold edition?

Check it out at http://pdxzines.com/.

Dodgeball King

June 2012

There is nothing light a good round of dodgeball in the morning. This was an interesting project involving two rolls of duct tape and a pair of shorts that were incredible uncomfortable. I will post the making of there clothes soon on YouTube but for now you can enjoy.

For July you can expect a very exciting portrait and project that is a year in the making. Do not miss the middle of the month as the teasers will be showing up.