Tough Guys Like Cats

May 2012

Presenting the toughest looking guy in a turtleneck. This image brings us into May with another shirt creation to hang in the costume closet. Although I worked hard to not grow hair and to simply throw a wig on I think Waffles still steals this portrait like she naturally does. You can of course more of the creation of this portrait through the monthly publication.
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From the Image Vault

November 2012

When working hard to finish the book last year I completed many portraits that I haven’t let anyone see. Since I enjoy releasing them and due to the fact that there are many of them that you haven’t seen, I happy to release the image that might best represent me. Of all of the portraits, this might most accurately reflect me when I was younger when I would have loved to of had an NES this size.

There will not be a monthly following the image since it was done a few months ago and also since it was a straightforward and uneventful photo shoot. You may be blown away by the size of the NES but I will leave your imaginations run wild into how that was created.

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