Modine FIles

I am happy to announce the new production “Modine Files” has now been release on YouTube and is waiting your viewing. This will be taking place of Everything Waffles Monthly as I transition into a larger production. 2 episodes will be released each month with extra content released when time allows.

An End to the Waffles Portrait Project?

With many upcoming collaborations and projects on the way, a slight vacation was bound to happen. Waffles and I have been producing portraits every month together for nearly two years now and we are due for a break. At this point I still wonder why I continued so diligently for so long but it makes sense considering what is now occurring. Rest assured however I will not leave you hanging without one final portrait before the break. This will be the finishing touch on a wonderful run of work.

Salvador_Dali_A_(Dali_Atomicus)_09633uI must now call upon the power of the great Salvador Dali to place an exclamation mark on the work. It will be the biggest endeavor yet with Waffles and there might be room for another cat of mine that has yet to participate. Mostly because she is incredible difficult to work with. There will be plenty of jumping, water, and cats to go around this month.

In case you were wondering, February also marks the one year point of the Everything Waffles Monthly Zine. The Dali portrait will make its mark on history further this next month and put that project on hold as well. This is only to keep the work fresh and keep you begging for more in the coming year.


So in case you missed it, you can purchase all of the past zines currently through Etsy. I know its not the ideal but it works for now. And all copies will be available at the start of February. Don’t worry though, because of the year long adventure Waffles and I have undergone, there will most certainly be a compilation album for you.

Now I have to get the entire point to this update. You might have stopped reading at this point but it has been worth if you have reached this paragraph. I have produced a web series that will be under my production studio associated with Everything Waffles. No, it does not produce Waffles work, but will take Everything Waffles under its wing. The web series, with the working title Modine Files, exists within the awkward and strange work that I have done in the past. Episode 1 should be released later this week  and will be a monthly, not weekly, production. This is the reason the Everything Waffles Project has been put on hold as I work out the kinks of this grand project. I have had this idea for about a year now and it has finally stepped out of its bedroom and seen the sun. You will know all about my production company and the Modine Files at the same point when released to clear up any confusion.

So hang in there troops, Everything Waffles is about to level up.