April Brings Richard

Bringing in the month of April we have a portrait with Richard Simmons. Although I recreated a tank top to reflect his sequined outfits with Waffles, I didn’t go as far as a work out videos.

More importantly this month, some of the Waffles portraits will be in the show (in)appropriate in Portland. This image, along with others, will be shown for the use of appropriation. The April edition of Everything Monthly publication will be available at the opening on Thursday the 5th at the Lodge Gallery. There might be a costume used during the opening from one of the images or another portrait.


Justin and Waffles Kickstarter Project

Having started the book and creating videos online for the Everythingwaffles.com website, I have started a Kickstarter to help the project. I am seeking to raise $1,500 to complete all aspects of the project. More information about the project can be found at my Kickstarter page.

The funding for the project runs until March 6 however the project itself will take further months to complete. As the books are printed and sold, part of the funding will go to the original animal rescue center where I got waffles and also the Humane Society.

You can find the full link here:


The original book link:


Justin and Waffles: Portraits From the Web

Finally my self-published book of portraits with Waffles has been published and printed. This book is comprised of 15 portraits with Waffles over the past year reflected internet images circulating the web. You can check out the preview below and if you are interested in a copy please let me know.



Copy this link until infinity and help me publish project across the very source from where this project came from.

As a reminder, Everythingwaffles.com is a website now. It is experiencing some issues right now but it is a great place to see some of the videos that have been made.