Complete Zine Collection


This month the complete zine collection is on display at the PNCA Library in Portland, Oregon. I am sure you will not be around to see it so I thought I would allow you to witness the overview.

The angle does not do justice to how many zines there actually are within the collection. Fourteen zines span two cases that command all to enjoy.

There is a project in the works to bring the book back into the mix and produce a compendium of the complete collection. More information will be out for that later however.


Zine Symposium Wrap Up

The Portland Zine Symposium just wrapped up over the weekend and considering I had a week notification to prepare I must say it went very well. The Waffles zines have infested the zine libraries of fans from Portland to San Diego. Some great people came by and some of the latest copies nearly sold out. From what I can tell there has been a humorous response about the zines. There are blogs and websites scratching their heads over the portraits and I am excited to see how much they keep scratching.


If you are interested in the 2012 Collection, they will become available online soon after there is a reprinting.  I will put out an audio podcast soon about the show and talk about the Zine Symposium and also the great response the project received. There might be some new work surrounding videos and perhaps a new series.


If you want to buy any of the monthly zines now is the time! There are several left over and some that have unseen content.