Everything Waffles Monthly

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February 2013

February2013zineThe collaboration between Philippe Halsman and Salvadore Dali just got a new pair of partners. This portrait has been on the to do list since that start of the project. Of course I couldn’t accomplish it without a working space and accurate props. Here I would normally insert how I was able to obtain the original easel and how Waffles and Maple were the kittens from the photograph, but I know you wouldn’t believe me.

Prepare to enter a the world of my surrealism.

January 2013

January2013zineDo you enjoy Everything Waffles?

I don’t think so Tim.

December 2012

DecemberzineThere is only one way to end 2012. All you need to know is Freddie Mercury.

That’s all you need to know.

November 2012

NovemberzineThomas Ruff has the right idea, there is no need to have an expression in these portraits. Waffles might be the one to accomplish this goal but we can certainly try. This zine might seem creepy after the entire set of portraits has one expression on me.

October 2012

Issue No. 9

Its time to head back to my Midwestern roots. A small fact is I actually lived down the street from an Amish family, so I might be the number 1 expert to recreate a portrait of a member of the community.

September 2012

What are you supposed to do when you get your hands on a machete and Indiana Jones hat? Forgive me but my first reaction was to suit up and start digging.

All thanks to Andrew Lorish for the hat.

August 2012

It’s time to become the Hero of Time. We won’t have enough room in our endless pouch so where will we have room for Waffles? Get heading to Death Mountain and get the bomb bag!

July 2012


This was my chance to become the dodgeball master. If you ever had a hard time throwing straight and managing hit someone on top of that, then the duct tape uniform might be what you will need. Wearing this increases all accuracies’ on a d20 dice with a +3 advantage.

June 2012


Did you remember to use the edge of the palette knife? Mix that Van Dyke with the white with the very edge and just swipe the canvas. We can finally see Bob Ross’ rendition of Waffles after all of these years. He might be missing his facial hair but I am sure this is almost an exact clone of our late painter.

May 2012


I am not sure where the intimidation begins and where it ends in this portrait. The ponytail and turtleneck are reason enough to recreate this image but I always have to find a way to incorporate more. Similar to the Richard Simmons portrait, I wanted to use the turtleneck as the method to bring in Waffles.

April 2012


It was destiny when I discovered Richard Simmons and me share the same birthday. Having grown up with his influence and seeing his symbolic costumes brought my attention to use him as part of the project.

Any portrait of Richard would have worked for this project but I was looking for an awkward image for me to recreate.


March 2012


I had to pull out my own scout uniform after finding the image of a boy scout holding a knife making its way around the Internet. Something strange happens between the campaign hat, a bone knife, and Waffles that isn’t found in the original photo. This new portrait also includes the first use of the green screen a part from the videos I have done with Waffles to promote the book.


February 2012

Issue No. 1

To start off the new series of monthly publications I used the very excited portrait of a man holding a pineapple. This photo shoot was partly featured on the live podcast but took several more days to complete as the pose was hard to hold with Waffles. The unicorn makes a return appearance and seems to steal the image entirely away from Waffles.